What more we offer

Shift your business into autopilot mode.

We've built a real estate sales management tool (CRM) that's not only great for sales persons, but also for anyone wanting to get properly organized and close the deals in short span. Our salesiy CRM offers you a solution to simplify your processes from day one. It is especially effective when the sales process is complicated and there are a lot of people/channel partners, stages, projects, and branches involved. Just follow the salesiy CRM, no need any training or brainy work to close the deal. Once they know about our SALESIY CRM, The 95% of real estate builders, promoters, marketing companies, consultants and sales related Business professionals, liked us so much and they switched from their existing CRM to SALESIY CRM. The Rest 5%? Hope they didn't even know they needed SALESIY CRM to promote their business in to next level.

Multiple channels, one conversation

Keep track of all the conversations in a single place while following your team/channel partners interaction rules and sales processes. Communicate and connect customers to give a better experience. A supercharged SALESIY CRM will be cornerstone of every successful business. Advanced SALESIY CRM has everything you need to keep your team's performance at its peak.

What SALESIY do behalf of your team

SALESIY CRM is made with efficiency in mind. Use workflows and macros to automate regular tasks so you can stop doing busy work and start doing business. Schedules follow-up reminders, and generates custom reports to forecast trends. By automating routine tasks, you can spend time on what matters: making connections, building relationships, and closing deals. Increase your productivity without expanding your workforce. Store all your sales collateral in cloud, and find exactly what you're looking for with advanced filters. Simplify data collection while improving accuracy, so your team can spend more time talking with prospects instead of capturing their data.

Is this cheap pricing?

Yes, this is very cheap pricing when we comparing other CRM's which is currently available in market. Also that's all are "one-size-fits-all" CRM not related/exclusive to a specified business.

Are you feeling, SALESIY CRM expense is extra burden for your business?

No, we strongly recommended to use salesiy CRM immediately, your already too late.

Because our Salesiy CRM will reduce your expenses and it's generates additional income up to 400%.

Here's the calculation for your understanding.

  1. Employee salary Rs.30,000*
  2. Mobile and conveyance Rs. 4000*
  3. Office expense per employee Rs. 5000*
  4. Product promotional Expenses per employee Rs.3000*
    Total expanse Rs. 42,000 * per month
    (*) Approximately

    An employee can manage only 10 potential clients at a time, otherwise he will get confuse. In case, if more leads flows through it’ll be a flaw. If they followed aggressively those 10 clients, there’s a probability of closing a sale. Or else their time and effort will be wasted.

    If any of your employee simply passed a month without making any sale you will lose Rs. 42,000* per month.

    Hope you understand it is not fault of employee.

    Because they don’t have any systematic process and they may not getting right support from colleague or management etc.

    In the case of Salesiy CRM your result will be.

    The new expense Rs. 42,000/- (above expense)+ 1500 (Salesiy expense/per user) Total Rs. 43,500/-

    Now a sales person can manage up to 40 potential clients at a time very easily while using Salesiy crm.

    If you utilize salesiy CRM properly will get 4 sales .In worst case will get a 2 sales as minimum.

    When the Associate failed to perform, it reflect to all the reporting persons immediately. We no need to wait till end of the month to know his story/reason/result. We can advise/assist to them instantly to get good result. Assume that without SALESIY how can you control/manage your Associates and if you have more people definitely you are out of control.

    While using Salesiy CRM, If they done 4 sales you saved 4 employees expense i.e.; Rs. 42,000*4=1, 68,000* per month but you spend only Rs. 1500*

    That’s why we recommend you to use SALESIY CRM.